Marilyn Monroe & Hugh Hefner’s Cool Stuff Going Up for Auction

Get this: a bunch of things that belonged to Marilyn Monroe, the Hollywood icon, are gonna be up for grabs at an auction in March. And we’re talking the real deal—her dresses, custom-made lipstick, and even pictures of her doing her thing on film sets.

Marilyn’s Glam Goodies

One of the headliner items is this stunning black evening gown she rocked in the ’55 movie “The Seven Year Itch.” People reckon it could rake in a whopping $200,000! And that’s not all—there’s this satin lavender leotard she sported for a Life Magazine feature back in ’58. This outfit’s got all the frills, flowers, and chiffon you could imagine and might score about $40,000.

But wait, there’s more: her program and ticket stub from JFK’s birthday bash in ’62, where she famously sang “Happy Birthday” to the President in that skin-tight gown she was basically sewn into before the event. Those mementos could go for around $4,000 to $6,000.

You’ll also spot pics of Marilyn doing some unexpected things like kicking a football and chilling on sets for flicks like “River Of No Return” and “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.” And get this—a custom Elizabeth Arden lipstick in a gold case? Yep, that’s in there too.

Hefner’s Side of the Story

Now, onto Hugh Hefner’s gear. Think Andy Warhol’s original Playboy Bunny silkscreen or a LeRoy Neiman 1959 painting titled “Romanoffs” that could fetch about $80,000. And how about an Alberto Vargas original watercolor drawing from a ’67 Playboy issue? That could go for $60,000 to $80,000.

Hefner’s collection’s not just art, though. You’ve got his clothes—smoking jacket, silk PJs, slippers, and even his tobacco pipe. The guy knew style!

Oddly Sweet Connection

Now, here’s a twist—Marilyn and Hefner, born in the same year, actually rest side by side in crypts in LA’s Westwood Village Memorial Park And Mortuary. Hefner bought the spot next to hers for $75,000 in ’92.

Oh, and remember the very first Playboy issue from ’53? Yeah, it had a centerfold photo of Marilyn taken in ’49. That pic became a big deal for the mag’s early days.


Over 1,000 pieces from Marilyn and Hefner’s collections will strut their stuff at shows in Hong Kong and Shanghai come February. But the real deal goes down at an auction in LA by the end of March. Talk about Hollywood history up for grabs!